Take One School of Mass Communication

18+ Years of Excellence in Media Education!
TakeOne House, East of Kailash, New Delhi
What Sets us Apart

What Sets us Apart

We are a community of learners and hence all our activities are underpinned and inspired by a strong learning ethos, which we aim to promote strongly amongst both staff and students. Our state of the art facility, modern latest technology & equipment, enables student to get hands on training on the latest technology in the media industry.

With our emphasis on developing every student as per the industry norms & requirement, they result in being highly probable successful media professionals. Some would go on to instigate innovative formats, some would develop new ways to apply the technology and some will find fresh and imaginative ways to tell stories. To set them on the right path, all our courses are intensely practical, hands on, giving students opportunities to meet people from different backgrounds in an atmosphere where multicultural diversity is valued.

 Our students have had opportunities to participate in various talk shows in leading news channels and formats like ‘we the people’, ‘money mantra’ on NDTV, ‘Generation Next’ an exclusive talk show on Doordarshan focuses on the youth of today, the national famed talk show like ‘Hum Log’ , ‘Big Fight’ and ‘ Muquabla” On NDTV.

 A success record of 100% placement in over 300 Production houses, News Channels, PR agencies, Event Management companies since our inception, is surely a reason why Take One School of Mass Communication should be every aspirant’s choice.



Life at Take One School of Mass Communication:

A destination which is a confluence of learning, work and play. We believe that it’s important to devote equal time inside and outside the classroom, encourage them to step out, observe people real time communication and allow them to engage with their passions.

Classroom discussions boost public speaking skills and confidence building of the students.
Regular seminars on raging issues are held at Take One with visiting faculty from the world of media to keep them updated. We organize regular industry visits so that students are better acquainted with the way media operates. From offices of the leading Newspapers and TV channels to PR and Advertising firms, students get a sneak-peek of their future workplace as students. They are also given the opportunity to do internships at various media organizations.

 Apart from media education, extra-curricular activities, different in-house clubs like – cultural, environmental, literature, film & entertainment, news & anchoring, Whizkids fashion and music society (to name a few), keep our campus lively and vibrant.

 In a nutshell Life at Take One is “simply awesome“.