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6 Weeks Weekend Photography Workshop

6 Weeks Weekend Photography Workshop



Course Duration :
6 weeks weekend 
Saturday – Sunday, 10.30 am to 1pm

No of Sessions: 12

Per session duration: 2.30 Hours

Tuition Fee: Cost- Rs 10,000/- (All inclusive)
**Cost includes admission, course and materials fee.

Direct Admission:No audition and interviews to be conducted

Criteria: Anyone with an interest in Photography is eligible



A certificate will be given to all participants who successfully complete workshop.



The foundation course is a very comprehensive photography course, aimed for beginners. However the twelve sessions course does not end with the basics, but goes on to more advanced photographic concepts and techniques, like Lighting, Portraiture, Composition, HDR, Panorama, Time Lapse, Photo editing, etc. The course is suitable for those who have recently bought a camera and want to improve their travel and family photographs, as well for those beginners who want to eventually shoot like professionals. 

Basic is aimed for rank beginners, who have either recently bought a camera and would like to improve their travel and family photographs. Or as first steps for beginners who want to take eventually shoot like a professional. However the course is not recommended for casual shooters who use mobile phone cameras or aim and shoot camera 

Understanding digital photography. Understanding your camera, Working with a digital film (sensor). Understanding Light, Understanding and controlling exposure , Metering, Colour correction and white balance. Understanding Lenses, Focusing, Understanding Depth of field, Freezing motion. 

Handling difficult light situations, Low light and flash. How to create silhouettes, pan effects, zoom bursts, etc. Creative use of Depth of Field. Image resolution. Raw vs Jpeg. Basic Photo editing. 

Developing a creative eye . Creative use of light and composition. Interesting photography techniques.Using flash as a fill-in light. Light theory. Advanced understanding of light. Understanding texture. Texture vs Colour. Portraiture. Indoor and outdoor portraiture. Applying light theory to portraiture. 

Advanced Photo editing (Colour correction, retouching, working with layers, colour to b&w etc) Special techniques : HDR, Panorama, Time lapse, Basic DSLR video Studio Lighting – Working with strobe lights and external exposure meters. Understanding light modifiers – reflectors, soft boxes, umbrellas. Etc. 

One, two and three point lighting techniques. Other lighting techniques.